RevalCoin: the best cryptocurrency exchanger

With the advent of cryptocurrencies, such spheres of life as business, communications and finance have changed significantly. It was cryptocurrencies that became the first step towards the emergence of a completely new market. Now it’s enough to use a phone or a laptop to mine coins, become a retailer or conduct exchange transactions. Since the direction is already very popular among users at the moment, profitable ways of exchanging cryptocurrencies online have been invented. One of them is the use of exchangers. There a person can conduct transactions with Bitcoins, Ethereum and other digital coins and receive fiat money and vice versa.

The RevalCoin platform allows to exchange crypto with card. The service operates on favorable terms and doesn’t charge a huge commission for transactions.

What is RevalCoin?

RevalCoin is a well-known digital network and blockchain. The main task of the platform is the transfer of assets from one side to the other. The project was founded in 2017. The program is legal, the service has certificates and licenses. Users are offered a favorable progressive rate.

How the platform works

Cryptocurrency exchange can become a simple procedure if these few steps are followed:

  • Registration. An account can be created directly on the main page of the official RevalCoin website. To do this, it’s enough to enter the basic data (an email address and a created password).
  • Identification. At this stage, a user has to upload a copy of the passport or other identity document. Don’t be afraid: the procedure is necessary for a safe stay on the service.
  • Creating an exchange request. There’s a calculator on the site that allows to find out how much money or cryptocurrencies a person will receive when exchanging at the current rate. To complete the procedure, fill out the form, enter the required amount and carefully check the wallet number. Click the “Exchange” button. The transfer is done!

This service provides its customers with serious advantages: the best exchange rates, transaction speed and 24/7 technical support. Regardless of the currency, RevalCoin gives the most profitable rate on the market. There’s also no need to wait for a money transfer: the specified amount will be credited to the account a few seconds after sending the completed form. The company’s managers value the customer base, so they’re ready to answer questions around the clock to solve all the problems on the platform.